Every time you see a post on social media about essential oils, you may be wondering “WHY NOW?”

I believe that this is a VERY important topic to discuss.  What is the big deal about essential oils?  Why is everyone talking about them?  You may be thinking, “I thought this was just a trend, but it’s not going away!”

It’s important to look at the state of our culture before answering that question.  Here are some statistics that are the most current in our country to date.  

  • Our children have a LOWER life expectancy due to the rise in obesity, antibiotic resistant infection, diabetes, and cancer as shown HERE
  • Autism rates are skyrocketing as you can see HERE
  • Autoimmune disease, allergies, cancers, and deaths by medication are growing every single year
  • We’re routinely putting things on our body and skin that are KNOWN to be carcinogenic and hormone disrupting
  • Our processed food diet is showing to be more detrimental than we could have ever imagined to our gut health which I talked about HERE

This is a very small snapshot of what is happening in our world.  I believe that we, as a people,  are starting to wake up.  We are starting to ask the question of if there is a better way.  We’re wanting to understand WHY our child has eczema instead of which medication to give them.  We’re seeing documentaries like STINK, Food Inc, and Super Size Me, and we’re realizing that something has gone VERY, terribly wrong.  

What if they DID help?

If there was something that could help you live ABOVE the wellness line.  Something that could empower you to help your family stay healthy.  Something that could powerfully support your body’s natural ability to detox, would you want to know more?  Our family stumbled onto this these powerful products and it has changed our lives!  The more I discovered about essential oils and Young Living products, the more I was amazed.  This was the piece of the puzzle I’d been looking for.  A cleaner to completely rid my home of the toxins that are causing hormone disruption.  And an oil blend to help support natural immunity.  And an antioxidant drink to help rid me and my family of the free radicals that accumulate in our bodies.  Oils to help me sleep so well that I’m actually waking up feeling rested.  And even some oils to settle my kids in those difficult emotional times (sometimes called tantrums 😉  Powerful and effective health tools at our finger tips!  Not to avoid sickness, but to empower our bodies to do what they were designed to do.  It’s a total mindset shift, friends.  

As a Lyme disease warrior, I was propelled onto a path over ten years ago that led me to unexpected discoveries.  I discovered food is our best medicine.  I discovered herbs were powerful healers.  I discovered homeopathy could have a profound affect on my children in just minutes.  And then we stumbled onto essential oils.   I am not being dramatic when I say that they have literally transformed our home.  While I use all of our health tools that you’ll find on this blog, essential oils have become our most used, our most powerful, and our easiest tool in that health tool belt!  

Would you like to know more?  Let’s talk. You can visit my essential oils 101 page for more info!

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