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DIY Bug and Tick Spray

DIY Bug & Tick Spray

There is NOTHING worse than trying to eat your delicious barbecue dinner while you are constantly having to swat away bugs and mosquitos.  And let’s just say that, with my history, I pull out all the stops and take all the precautions when hitting the woods or hills for a hike! Fending off those mosquitos and ticks is important, but is DEET our only safe option?

There ARE natural options!

Why are natural options important?  Well, fending off those ticks and mosquitos is incredibly important, but we also need something that is effective.  DEET has been the option for many years when the risk of bites is high.  When I’ve had friends visiting Africa or South America, this is what they’ve taken.  Their thinking is that they need something they can feel confident in.  But here’s the problem.  Several studies have linked products with DEET to effective on the central nervous system.  In 1998, the US EPA made a statement that no product with any level of DEET can make any safety claim for children.  I’m thinking this  is a product that I want my family to stay away from!  

After using essential oils for several years now and experiencing the benefits that we have, I am confident that this bug spray will provide the needed protection that any family will need when hiking, traveling, or even having a nice evening on their porch.  

Moms need easy!

Am I right?  Here is the easiest DIY project you’ll ever throw together.  It’s safe to spray directly on skin for those 2 and above, and you can easily apply to hats, clothes, or shoes for those under 2.  

Have you been wondering about essential oils and why they are an effective, safe, and powerful option for your family to use?  Check out this page on essential oils and why I believe this is the time to jump in and sign up for your FREE 3 day course on essential oils!  

Now go and enjoy that bug free summer!

DIY Bug and Tick Spray
An easy and SAFE DIY spray to fend off those pesky bugs this summer!
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Prep Time
2 min
Prep Time
2 min
  1. 20 drops Purification
  2. 20 drops Rosemary
  3. 20 drops Lemongrass
  4. 2 oz spray bottle
  5. 2 tablespoons organic witch hazel
  1. Combine all ingredients in the 2 oz spray bottle and use as needed!
  2. Be sure to shake vigorously before using.
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