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⇒Why limiting toxins in your world will help your body perform and recover better

⇒Bonus of 3 great recipes to aid in recovery from your competition.

What do the world’s best have to say about essential oils?

“At the highest levels of competition, you need the utmost confidence in the partners you choose and the products you use. I’ve experienced firsthand the excellence that drives Young Living, and I am proud to be part of the Young Living family!”

Bryan Clay – Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion, Philanthropist

“I train my body hard. With big goals on the horizon I can’t afford to be sidelined with injury or fatigue. My muscles love the relief they get from Pan Away- keeps me on track to achieving my goals. I’ve used RC since 1995 and it’s a staple oil I use with racing, recovery, and my kids. Life would be different without it. Nothing opens my lungs quite like RC.”

James Lawrence – Two-time Guiness World Record Holder, Ironman, Triathlete

We’ve partnered with Global Futbol Training to bring you this ground breaking information on how essential oils can impact your performance!  Here is what Jeremie Piette has to say.  

 “Because of my experiences, I began promoting oils to the pro & collegiate athletes that I train. Then parents started asking me what they should use to boost performance & recovery, psychology & emotional issues for their elite youth players. I compiled it all into an e-book that took off! Then I met Beth & I no longer had to answer the intricate oils questions & could focus on the athlete performance & recovery components. We collaborated on the e-book with an expanded section on oils for athletes, transformed it into an e-course with downloads and have seen countless changes in the athletes I work with. You’ve got a trusted guide with Beth & Young Living”.

Jeremie Piette – Global Futbol Training Founder, 7 year professional soccer player, collegiate soccer player



Hey there!  I’m a wife to an amazing man, mom to three tiny humans, a health coach, an essential oils advocate, and a Lyme disease warrior.  I’m also a former collegiate athlete with a family that lived and breathed sports growing up!  I also had the opportunity to play semi-professional volleybal in Latin America after college, and I have fallen in love with helping athletes better their performance, health, and mental game by as natural means possible!  You can enhance your performance WITHOUT synthetic boosters!


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