I love all the amazing stuff that God created to keep us healthy.  Ever since my hubby and I had kids, we’ve delved into the world of herbs, homeopathics and healing foods.   My best pal, Becky (who now lives in Idaho…waaaaaaaa), used to be amused by all this stuff and then she started thinking all of it might be pretty cool.  So one day she calls me and says, “hey, have you heard about this essential oil stuff?”  And I say, “what?”  She tells me that some of her friends have been hooking her up with essential oils and that they’ve done some amazing things for her hubby and kids when they had coughs and colds.  So in true Beth fashion, I waited less than a day to find someone around here who could send me some so I could try them out.  My two older kids had been battling a cough for nearly four months.  Four months!  That don’t make this mama happy.  I don’t like the idea of icky stuff hanging out in my kids’ lungs for that long.  We had worked with our naturopath, tried homeopathics, and nothing was working.  So this wonderful gal sends me a sample of a respiratory blend that she thought might help.  I put it on my kids and am thinking, eh, this isn’t going to work.  This is going to be like everything else we’ve tried.  Wrong.  Three days later, the cough is gone.  True story.  I seriously could not believe it.


And then there was the time that the digestive blend stopped the stomach flu in it’s tracks for my husband.  Literally.  He’s sitting at the dinner table and all of the sudden he’s pale and sweaty.  Uh oh.  I had had the stomach flu a few days before and hadn’t been able to take any essential oils internally because I was pregnant.  I had put them on my feet and they had helped the nausea a lot but I still tossed my cookies a few times.  Really fun at 8 months pregnant.  Anyhew, back to my husband.  I suggested he go hang out in the shower and take a couple of drops of essential oils on the way.  So he does.  He gets out of the shower a half an hour later saying he felt better for a while but he’s not so good again.  So he takes one more dose.  And guess what?  He was fine.  Forever.  Ok, not forever but he never came down with that nasty stomach flu.  Seriously, this stuff is amazing.


And then there was that time that my second kiddo was having trouble with his naps.  Bless that little guy.  Sleep is not his thing.  I started using lavender before nap time and his awful naps turned into hours of naps.  Nothing is going to make a mama happier than that!  And that same lovely kiddo got stung by a bee once.  Poor guy.  He had no idea what was going on.  His finger started to swell and he was an unhappy little fellow.  And guess what?  We slapped some lavender on that sucker and the swelling and pain were gone within about five minutes.


So you get the picture.  These oils are awesome.  I’m not making this stuff up.  And they are not just for health.  The lemon oils make my dishwasher detergent smell A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  Like I could sniff it all day.  And then I’ve been known to add some of the lime oil in my guacamole when I ran out of avocados.  Delish.   And we’ve been using the Malaleuca (tea tree) to keep the annoying leaf miners out of our chard and kale in our backyard.   And don’t even get me started on the Thieves.  Germs and all icky things be gone.


I’ll be posting more about specific oils so you can learn about them but the point is that you NEED to learn about them.  Especially if you have kids.  What I would have given to have these oils when my first two were wee babes.  Eh, oh well.  We all survived!  It just would have been a little more pleasant with our oils…


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