I have chosen to share my love of essential oils with others because they have done so many wonderful and nearly miraculous things for my family and myself.  But there is amazing JOY in seeing what they do for others.  On this page, I’m going to share testimonies of what these Young Living essential oils have done for my extended family and friends.    Eventually, I’d love to have a page where you can look up oil recommendations by ailment or issue, but for now, you can read what a difference the oils have made in others’ lives.  If you have questions or would like to try them out, send me a contact form!  I truly believe these should be in every person’s home!



Allergy Trio

“I started using the allergy trio in February 2014 for my 3 year old daughter who has an allergy to dust mites and allergy induced asthma.  She was prescribed 2 different inhalers. Since we started using the allergy trio, we have not used ONE inhaler. Every time she starts sneezing or coughing, I rub her feet morning and night until her symptoms subside.”  I do a drop of each NEAT on her feet.  During the in between times, I rub lavender on her sinuses and behind her ears.  I am so grateful for these oils!” – Ellen S.


Frankincense has been a wonderful healing agent for my face.  I am 68 and have had a couple of curious red spots show up on my face that had to be burned off by the dermatologist who says they were pre-cancerous.  I have been applying frankincense directly to one new spot, and it has disappeared.  I am thrilled to escape the dermatologist this time. -Marilyn D.

I suffered from anxiety and post partum depression right after my first baby was born. I was put on an anti anxiety/anti depression medication which made me feel numb to the world. When I started using Young Living essential oils, I found Valor, and with it was able to wean myself off my anxiety medication and become free from anxiety and depression. I feel like me again! I cannot say enough wonderful things about these oils!  -Ashley C.
Peace and Calming
I have a premixed jar of Peace and Calming with coconut oil that I pull out at bedtime every night.  It’s part of our nightly routine with the kiddos.  Brush teeth, PJs on, Peace and Calming on the feet, read books, and to bed!  It helps them slow down and fall asleep easier.  A lot of times they are having a hard time keeping their eyes open by the time we finish our last book.  I definitely notice a difference when we don’t use it too!  -Becky R.
Digestive Oils
 I have to admit that I had my doubts about essential oils, and I love natural cure agents, but they always take soooo long.  I have experimented now with 2 essential oils that have me thinking much more positively about this natural way of living.  One day when I was experiencing the onset of a true stomach problem, that hot feeling of something going very wrong, I was instructed to use the digestive blend directly on my abdomen and within 10 , yes 10, minutes the feeling was gone and did not return.  I face this stomach issue fairly often so this is exciting.  -Marilyn D.


I started a 5 week half marathon training program and my body was not keeping up with the mileage I was trying to put in!  My muscles were SO sore, to the point of not being able to sleep at night.  PanAway was a game changer for me.  Just one little drop diluted on my quads and hips and the pain was gone, like it was never even there.  I could fall asleep and would be able sleep the whole night through and the kicker was that the soreness wouldn’t come back the next day… blew my mind.  I am a big fan of Panaway!  -Becky R.

“My migraine symptoms (blurred vision, headache, nausea) started at 8a. It was awful. All 3 kids were home with me and I was terrified about how I was gong to make it through the day. I had already taken 2 drops of peppermint for my allergies. Since peppermint is good for headaches, I took 3 more drops in water. Nothing. The pain was awful. I decided to take 5 more in water. I was feeling a little better, but nowhere near normal. Then, I took a drop and put it on my forehead. I took nap for an hour. (Don’t ask what my 3 young kids were doing during my nap… I still don’t really know myself! But they’re alive!) I woke up from my nap feeling groggy, but my migraine was gone! Totally gone! The remnants of my headache dissipated throughout the day. I was, and still am, completely amazed!”  -Ellen S.



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