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Finding The Unicorn Of Balance: A Book Review Of Oola For Women

Oola for Women



Wow.  I had no idea that these seven F words could have such a profound impact on how I look at life.  “Finding balance in an unbalanced world.”  Is that even possible?!  When I got the email that I’d been chosen to review this book, I saw it as a fun opportunity for my blog that might give me some insight and support in the area of personal development.  But friends.  I opened this book, and I was riveted from the first page.  I’ve been in deep and directed thought for the last few days.  Not in a bad, brooding way.  But in a thoughtful, intentional, hopeful way.  Have you read the Oola books?  Neither had I!  The Oola Life is the life you live when everything fits together the way it should.  It’s that sweet spot in life where the major areas of your life are balanced, strong, and growing.   That season where you say “oh la la, life is good.”  I had heard about the Oola lifestyle, but this was my first Oola book.  Boy, am I grateful that I was chosen to review this book! 


The Oola guys describe it as 

“described from the expression ohh la la!”

“a state of awesomeness”

“a life that is balanced and growing in the key areas of health, finances, career, relationships and well-being”


 This book asks you to look at what happens when you set aside the day to day stresses and details of life and you look at the big picture of what you REALLY want.  Put aside the laundry, the appointments, the committee meetings, the drives to soccer practice, and the frantic grocery store runs and take a good, long look at what is happening in your life and what needs to change.  You might just be surprised.  Not only does this book walk you through what the OOLA life is and the seven areas that need to be evaluated, but it helps you look at OOLA blockers and OOLA accelerators that could be hindering or helping your OOLA life.  And what good is taking a good, long look at your life without having a plan.  The end helps you create a solid, “boots on the ground” plan for what needs to happen from here on out.  It’s been a blessing, friends.  Such a huge blessing.  

While they do dive into what the Oola life is and tackle the Oola Blockers and Oola Accelerators, I wanted to give you a glimpse of the F words that have me pondering life so deeply.  Not only am I thoughtfully diving into these areas and formulating plans to evaluate and grow each of them, it has led to wonderful discussions with my husband of how we can do this together and what it means for our future!  



I assumed this would be about how to fit in a good workout schedule and gain some discipline.  Boy, was I wrong.  They spoke to my heart!  Fitness is simple!  It’s about putting good things in your body, taking a check of how you REALLY feel each day, and making changes.  The latest fad diet or a fancy exercise program are not the answers to your Oola fitness.  It’s about keeping it simple.  I had a friend who several years ago lost almost 100 pounds after a lifetime of battling obesity and weight gain.  After most of her weight had come off to help her feel healthy and alive, she said, “so what they say is true!  If you eat less and exercise, you actually DO lost weight.”  Nothing fancy about it!  Keep it simple.  Work Harder.  Eat smarter.  Because what you eat affects everything in your life.  How very Oola of them!


Boy did this F word speak to me.  And it really HAS felt like an F word my whole life.  Finance is one area that has always been at the lowest priority for me.  I’m in no way an excessive spender, but I sure hate thinking and managing money.  We live in a world where debt seems normal and living off of a credit card is the status quo.  The Oola guys remind us in the book that finances are the number one subject to cause stress in a marriage and very few Americans live on a budget.  We spend money, because we want something now.  What a gift to be reminded that debt is NOT the norm, it’s okay to be unbalanced for a season to attain financial stability, and budgeting is a non-negotiable.  

3. Oola FAMILY

I would venture to say that although most women would put this at the top of their Oola F words, this is the area we struggle in the most.  We never feel “good enough” in this area.  We can’t spend enough time with our kids, we are never patient enough, and we can’t achieve being the Pinterest wife, Mom, and business woman that we *think* everyone wants.  Oola family is about loving your inner circle hard, limiting your negative relationship, and never allowing toxicity to enter your family circle.  And this nudge was a profound reminder to me of the importance of my marriage before anything else!  Yes, even before my kids.  “If you’re not working on your marriage, you’re working on your divorce.”  While we all adore our children, we cannot give them a health, stable home without showing them what it looks like to love our spouse first.  We need to SHOW THEM.  

4. Oola FIELD

The Oola Guys are so wise in acknowledging the fact that Oola field is a complicated area for us women!  While we may dedicate eight hours a day to a job, we also wear a whole lot of hats throughout every single week.  And that eight hours a day may not necessarily represent what you love the most.  Maybe you work out of necessity but your heart is to be at home with your children.  Maybe you homeschool but you have a passion calling you to speak out about child trafficking.  Take a good long look at what your dream job would be if finances were not an option.  Is there a passion deep inside of you that has gone unanswered?  Maybe it’s time for some conversations in your home about answering that desire.  And of course the wise Oola guys have some great insight in what steps to take if that’s the case.  As they say, “quitting without a plan is a very bad idea.”  And I agree.

5. Oola FAITH

Have you ever felt like you’re floating through life wondering what the bigger purpose is?  Even though I have walked with a deep faith in Christ since a young age, I can even find myself asking this question.  If this is you, then it’s time to look at your Oola Faith.  Sometimes it takes being rocked in a big way to finally take the time to take a good, long look at this instrumental and foundational area of your life.  If you’re trying to gain the Oola life without looking to someone more powerful than yourself, then you’re going to struggle!  While I share the beliefs of the Oola guys in following hard after God, I believe that this F word is instrumental in serving as the hub for balance.  Staying connected to God is grounding, clarifying, and freeing.  Don’t look at this area and check it off by showing up at church, be ready to make it a part of your daily drive.  You’ll be amazed at what will happen!


This was a particularly interesting section for me.  I’ve always been a person that is super close to my family, and there are a few very good friends who have wandered into that inner circle.  As my business has grown over the last few years, I find myself with a wonderful tribe of friends that have my back, cheer me on, and support me every day.  I am grateful for every single one of my tribe, and I loved the encouragement in this area to hold your inner circle close but also have the freedom to “unfriend, unfollow, and delete” when necessary.  That doesn’t mean you don’t fight for your friendships, but it does mean that toxic friends need to be seriously evaluated.  I’m grateful to have this encouragement for boundaries as I look at these friendships in my life!

7. Oola FUN

I could not have agreed more with the first sentence of this chapter.  “Most women don’t have enough fun in their lives.”  Ding ding ding!  We can talk ourselves into a million reasons why the money for that girls’ weekend would be better spent on other things in our lives.  We’re good at taking care of others and not creating the space to relax and spend time with friends.  Or maybe just time with a good book!  Maybe having fun is something you do naturally or maybe it’s at the bottom of the 7 F words for you.  Either way, it’s time to create space for you to tackle that bucket list, allow time for what you love, and detach completely.  It will make you a better wife, Mom, daughter, business partner, and friend!


This section was very powerful to read.  We can either be held back by Oola Blockers or propelled forward by Oola Accelerators.  And it’s our choice!  This book is full of stories of women who chose to look at their lives head on and make the choice to change the course.  It’s inspiring, and looking at these areas is beyond valuable.  Blockers like guilt, fear, and anger can paralyze you and keep you from that Oola Life.  But Oola Accelerators like wisdom, gratitude, and passion can set your course for a powerful and positive future!  


The last section of the book is spent walking you through how to make a plan and set a course for action.  The wise Oola guys know that creating too many goals will overwhelm, but they also know that a plan is necessary for success!  I am thrilled to be taking on this challenge, and I plan to report back in 30 days on how my progress is going!  While reflection and evaluation are pivotal in making changes, the reality is that we HAVE to actually DO SOMETHING.  Grab the book and find out why I just bought myself a big pack of 3×5 cards and why I believe this will be the key to my family and I finding the Oola Life that God intended us for!  

John 10:10  “I have come that they might have life, and have life to the full!”  (exclamation point my emphasis)

This book comes out TOMORROW, and you don’t want to miss it!  You can pre-order it HERE.  

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